Retirement Planning At Home - Level 3

How to plan for retirement from home

The basic Retirement Planning At Home programme comprises:

  • A 12-month unlimited-access licence for our comprehensive Planning for Retirement Online e-learning course
    The e-learning content is designed to replicate the full curriculum of our two-day Lifestyle and Detailed Finance workshops and contains more than 20 hours of narrated content, interactive tools and exercises.
  • Our highly regarded course pack, which supports the content of our face-to-face workshops and provides a handy bookshelf reference
    The course pack provides offline information and reference materials as well as the course lessons and resources to help people create their own retirement action plans.
  • A 30-minute Retirement Planning Essentials video
    The video takes you through the essentials of retirement planning and explains how to make the most of the resources available in the full programme.

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